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Company Landline: 010-58468761

Governance Engineer: 13311291885

National Service Hotline: 4000-663-880

Customer Service QQ:250573741

Enterprise Email: bj@qingyunair.com

Website: http://www.qingyunair.com

Address: 6/F, building 4th, No. 8th, Tai Sheep Square, Chaoyang District, Beijing (China Academy of Environmental Sciences)

Chongqing Branch

Tel: 15210316160

Address: Chongqing Banan Li family tuo Fusion Peninsula Green 30 Building 1 unit 1-1

Tianjin Branch

Tel: 13601145363

3-1-229, Xiangjiang Plaza, Yang Cun, Wuqing District, Tianjin City,

WeChat public account: Beijing interior Decoration Pollution detection and control center